20 July 2005

Women Handle Men Better Than Men Handle Themselves

Ok... so that didn't come out exactly as planned. I can't say it out loud with a straight face. Does that mean I'm filthy between my ears? Yes. Am I being puerile/childish? Yes. Do I need to think more on it/ laugh some more/ drink more tea? Yes to all of the above.

Does that change anything? Not really.

Host vs. hostess. At any party, the hostess is invariably smoother than the host. She will be more comfortable moving around, gently stirring the cauldron of human interaction. The hostess is more adept at catalysing... [excuse me, let's try again]. A hostess is better at getting people to talk together, at getting shy people from out of their shells.

Are our gender roles part of the advantage/blame? It's going to be fun finding out.


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