18 January 2009

Prosperity Bites

Christmas 2008

plink: Hello, Santa Claus!

Santa: Ho ho ho! You have been a very good plink all year!

plink: :)

Santa: And what would you like this Christmas?

New Year 2009

plink: Hello, Changing Room Mirror!

mirror: Ho ho ho! You have been a very bad plink this year!

plink: :(

mirror: And what would you like not to wear this New Year?

11 November 2008

Hallowe'en 2008 -- plink The Vampire Hunter

Late one foggy evening, plink and skunkie struggle with the weekly shopping. It is Hallow'een and the skies have long been dark.

plink: Oh I do hope there aren't any vampires about. *Teehee*

skunkie: !!..!.!! *giggle*

plink: Yes, it would be horrible if one was to get us right now. We wouldn't know where to go!

vampire: Ah-har! I am a vampire and I vant your blood!

plink: Ah-har! I am a vampire hunter and you have fallen into our trap! skunkie, quick!

skunkie: *garlic from supermarket*

vampire: Aarrghh!!

skunkie: *WHACK!!*

plink: skunkie! What are you doing?!

skunkie: !!.!!.....!!, !! !! ... !..!!!!. !!.!!!!!!

plink: No, no, no! The old stories say to kill a vampire with a stake through the heart! A STAKE!!

skunkie: ..!!.!!...?

plink: A STEAK is not going to work.

skunkie: !!.!!!

plink: Yes, the vampire does look very annoyed. Run, skunkie. Run quick!

And so, plink and skunkie, like all good children this Hallow'een, learn that vampire-hunting is best left to the experts. And besides, there's always next year. Unless you get eaten first....

21 June 2008

Two Wrongs

plink: Wakakaka....

skunkie: LOLROF *gigglesnort*

plink: Teehee.... Oh try this: #%$&&@!!

skunkie: Kekekeke.... $@&#^!!

plink: OMGROTFLOLSnortHahahaha!!

pMom: plink! skunkie! Where did you learn that kind of language!!?

plink: *point-->skunkie*

skunkie: *point-->plink*

pMom: ....


pDad: Why so glum?

pMom: $%#&*@(...!!!

11 June 2008

Speak softly....

This morning....

plink: Wei.

katjat: *pretend dunno*

plink: Hey! Hel-looo!!!!

katjat: *ignore*

plink: Grr....

Much later....

plink: Psst....

katjat: ?o.O?

plink: Ssstt..!

katjat: O.O

plink: Psst... Psstt.....

katjat: *runrunrunrun*

plink: Psssstt....!

katjat: *ARGHdie*

Wakakakaka.... plink now speaks Baygon and Ridsect. Katjat beware!

10 March 2008

New Year Shopplink





One of these

This one please

Another one of those would be very nice

That one looks nice

I like the colour of this one

The one I got last year doesn't fit any more

Look at the price! Must buy


17 January 2008

Have New Year, Need New Brain

plink: *writewritewrite*

skunkie: !!..!!!..!!!!!!..!!!!

plink: o.O? Hei1 Pi2 Niu3 Ya4?!

skunkie: *nodnodnod*

plink: Black Skin Cow Duck?

skunkie: LOLROF!!!!

Happy New Year / Black Skin Cow Duck, everyone!

25 December 2007

Santa Claus is . . . .

Late, late last night....

skunkie: *whackwhackwhack*

plink: skunkie! What are you doing?

skunkie: …!!!!.!....!!!!!!

plink: Kenot! Rudolph’s nose may be green right now, but smacking him will not make it turn red again.

skunkie: !...!!!, !!!!....!!!!!..!!!!

plink: And how is Rudolph going to feel when he is known as Rudolph the orr-chnie* Reindeer?

Next year, I will not be leaving out liulian koay** for Santa....

*orr-chnie: blue-black / bruised
**liulian koay: durian cake and/or candy

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