26 July 2005

Use your Blain/(B)rain!

Why we so blur?

Picture the scene: SS2 makan place just opposite the Balai. A whole gaggle of people are there eating/drinking/bragging and generally making a harmless nuisance of themselves. We're sat at our table doing much the same. Our conversation is briefly interrupted by the vague skin-pricking sensation of water on the skin, but we quickly carry on.

Seconds later, Misai and crew are dashing about. Huge umbrellas are quickly put up, to the accompaniment of shouted instructions, gesticulations and apologies to patrons. And not a moment too soon.

A crashing deluge of sky juice rains down, soaking the unwary. And we just carry on.

We're a clueless, self-centred bunch, aren't we?

We don't really care that the drops of water have to come from somewhere. We don't want to know if it's rain. When I've watched my fellow humans, nobody so much as looked skywards to see if the moon and the stars are still out. I swear....

We have the largest brain capacity for weight/size/attractiveness in all of creation. All for What?


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