30 July 2005

Sorry, the house is a mess....

Not being net-aware, I have just dug another hole for myself. I have become a referrer. Those linked from my blog are some of the biggest names in the blogosphere, so I am now open to all sorts of scrutiny.

I should have paid more attention, of course. Tapi nasi sudah menjadi bubur. So, I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

I do want to be visited someday by big names and hordes of readers/stalkers, but not today. The site is… well, a building site. There’s the blog equivalent of cables and nails lying about the place. The required builder with visible butt cleavage over low jeans is me. Metaphorical bathrooms remain unusable, leading to short, hurried visits to the b(l)og.

I am houseproud. As it stands, the blog is a disgrace, a pigsty. It badly needs cleaning up and I’m struggling with the code. I note the irony in being houseproud, yet not being good enough with the code that I can clean up.

At this rate, it’ll be months before I’m ready.

The fear now is of an accidental visit by a big name (or anyone, for that matter), who has wondered, ‘hmm… invenctive.blogspot.com…. sounds interesting.’
I’d better keep my eyes and ears open for news of death by boredom….


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