12 September 2005

Binary Division

I am experimenting with binary division. Who'd have thought that reproduction could be so difficult?

*Let's try again... divide... Divide!*

*Sigh*, no joy there.

While I have no interest in progeny for the moment (but babies can be so cute!), I am dividing for debate reasons. The time will come when I will need to take both sides in a raging debate on the merits of green tea against red, for example.

Given a chronic inability to articulate my thoughts and my general disdain for views unlike my own, there should be much fun to be had in the form of inveNctive. Won't that be nice?

So there you have it, my very own contribution to the blogosphere: not one plink, but two. They were going to be plInk and plIInk, but any help with names will be welcomed.

Besides, when I've figured out how it's done, I can do it again and again. There'll be more plinks that you can shake a stick at and I'll need help telling them apart.


At 4:58 pm, Anonymous new yvy said...

i think u and yee wei would make a GREAT couple. sigh....u and ur numbers. yioh!!!

go see yee wei, i'm sure u will have tons of numbers to talk abt. :P lol...

At 8:37 pm, Blogger plink said...

Only one number: 2!

Hahah... been 2 see YeeWei's site. Bukan main manyaknya numbers. Pening woi!

Have tried binary fission again, but unsuccessful. :-(

Maybe needs different position....

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