08 September 2005

Does plink need a control bra?

While at the gym last week, I had begun to get into the swing of things and was beginning to enjoy myself when something started to nag at my senses. There was this nagging feeling that something was going on with the treadmill to my right and it refused to be ignored.

So I looked.

And wished I had not. A reasonably fit young lady was pounding on the treadmill to my right. She was going at a respectable pace. She also had an ample bosom.

Her bosom had a mind of its own and did not like being told what to do. So, despite the fact that the young lady was wearing a control bra, her bosom was bouncing excessively in what looked to be a rather painful manner.

I looked at my own and thanked the heavens that I was a long way from having the same problem as she did.

Too much of a good thing, perhaps?


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