08 September 2005

There are no more original ideas

Part of the pleasure to be derived from the writing process comes from illuminating the subject in an entirely new way. Giving birth to a new idea is sometimes literally orgasmic, I'm told.

In this respect at least, I am an orgasm junkie. Remember, you heard it here first: plink is an orgasm junkie. In today's sex-crazed blogosphere, this should come (oops) as no surprise.

Unfortunately, there is an old truism that there are no longer any original ideas; that they've all been thought of. All we can do is unearth them to sparkle briefly in the sunshine.

Take the following example for inveNctive. After watching blogs for months and noting the various euphemistic phrasings (usually as strings of initials), I came up with my own: the XYZ/ABC/PQR business.

Instant orgasm: Yes. mm...YeS! YES, o..H YESS!!

No prizes for guessing that it had been done already. DrLiew.net, veteran of web communication in all its forms, had gotten there first.

This is probably why the best-read bloggers also tend to have the best-written blogs: they've seen all the old tricks. Two thumbs up for the Doc and two fingers to plink....

Oh well, time for more inveNctive, then.

KNNXYZABCJBLTongkatAliPQRMinyakCapKapak and all that jazz....


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