02 September 2005


I get really paranoid sometimes.

No, wait: I get paranoid all the time.

Take this evening for instance. Having read a 62% Evil post and Mike's reply to my comment, my first thought was 'OK, he's not talking about me, right?'

'Not ME, right?!'

What's a plink to think about this hint, 'Look at some of the blogs nowadays... you'll get what I mean'?

I COULD be perfectly rational and not worry about it.
I COULD be quite happy and smile knowingly at the incisive nature of Mike's BananaEvil observation.
I COULD be happy that the EvilOne has acknowledged, possibly even agreed with, my opinion.

But no.

I decided to get all paranoid instead.

Time to cut back on the love stories, then....

'Hi, my name is plink and I'm a love-story-holic....'


At 3:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »


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