18 October 2005

The Blog(u) 4: The House at the Top of the Hill

Ideas lit the way, their warmth drying out plink’s soaked smock. Travelling past blogtrees along a forest path, plink eventually came to a little house. It was small and cosy, with the inviting flicker of firelight coming through the windows. Just at that moment, plink’s stomach started to insist on being fed.
More than a little hungry, the little one mounted the doorstep and found there was no door, only a doormat with ‘Please come in,’ and ‘18SX’ written on it. plink became very curious: four letter words were common, but 1, 8, S and X in one place was quite new altogether.
A tall young woman was fussing over a table set for dinner. All but one of the seats were full and next to that empty one sat a familiar figure.
‘plink!’ Yvy’s call cut through the conversation. The little girl jumped down from her seat and virtually dragged plink to the empty chair. Their hostess looked on and smiled benignly.
Kucing Gatal, this is plink.’ Yvy introduced their hostess.
‘I know,’ Kucing set a steaming plate in front of plink, then hurried back to the kitchen, ‘Something else on the boil. I’ll be right back,’ she promised.
plink picked curiously at the food. ‘It says Kucing Gatal’s Merdeka Haiku Competition,’ Yvy supplied. 'Looks nice.’
‘Smells nice too,’ plink nodded. plink’s stomach definitely agreed and insisted that it be fed at once. Everyone else followed suit and the room was filled with the sounds of merrymaking and haiku writing.


At 5:44 am, Blogger Kucing Gatal said...

Hahahahhahahahhahahah! Tall and young indeed ;)

Thanks for a great early morning laugh!

At 3:51 pm, Blogger plink said...

You're welcome, KG. Never hurts to angkat people, no? ;)
More yet to come!

At 5:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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