12 October 2005

Dis? Stress!

It looks like FS is currently hungover post-100th-post celebrations, so I'm going to have a go at this.

Guys want to 'save' women, to be strong, to be wanted. Men would very much like to swoop in on a damsel in distress, and carry her off to safety.

Prince Charming saves princess from evil dragon. Princess is eternally grateful. They ride off into the sunset, live happily ever after, have hundreds of princelets. Whatever.

The paradox? Men go on about how they want to be great and all that, yet in the same breath they decry 'clingy women.'

Hel-lo!! You want helpless, you get helpless.

A woman who cannot take care of herself cannot take care of herself.
A woman who can, can. Ngerti ke?

But a woman who can is seen as threatening. Whose fault is that? Hers? Is that why she is punished by being called a witch, a bore and worse?

Bloody men, all the same. In what way is this NOT YOUR FAULT?!

You rotters, look what you've gone and done. FS is so disoriented she didn't even swear once this time. I hope you lot are happy.

Update 14/10/05: FS is back in full swing here. I am content.


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