07 October 2005


A side benefit of Merdeka Madness 2005 was that I stumbled across Eyeris' blog or, rather, tripped badly and PocTaiKai over it. And I still PocKai daily. I also self-tag on memes from time to time (OK, maybe once before).
Put the two together...

Happiness is dancing in the rain (traffic permitting).
Happiness is getting up again after falling down while dancing in the rain.
Happiness is a steaming caramel macchiato after said dance.
Happiness is the three Rs: Reading, wRiting and Rhyming.
Happiness is seeing you again.
Happiness is finding out that old clothes from year X still fit!
Happiness is going to the gym and getting checked out. One day, this will happen....
Happiness is Misai's Brew.
Happiness is finding the last parking space at 1Utama, right next to the entrance.
Happiness is family.
Happiness is hanging out and messing about, then doing some of the things from above.
Happiness is tea and cakes with you, then running away to the gym to work off the calories.
Happiness is a good book, a comfy sofa and an endless supply of cappucino.
Happiness is when the Good Guys win.
Happiness is when the Hero and the Heroine go off into the sunset together.
Happiness is also when the Bad Guys kick some idiotic sidekick ass.
Happiness is pointing out the cliches in the script and predicting the storyline from said cliches.
Happiness is coming home to you.
Happiness is coming home to a well-stocked kitchen.
Happiness is making dinner in said well-stocked kitchen, but not the washing up that follows. *sighs*

Eyeris, this is all your fault.
Thank you.


At 3:29 pm, Blogger eyeris said...

haha. and it wasn't even meant to be a meme. :)

Happiness is when people read your post and steal the idea for their own blog (and credit it properly, of course. :P)

At 9:23 pm, Blogger plink said...

OMFFG! It's the All-seeing Eyeris! Welcome!
This is one of the pitfalls of self-tagging: sometimes, we end up meme-ing non-memes.
If we're all having fun though, what does it matter? :)

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