23 November 2005

The Blog(u) 11: plink in the City

Slightly abuzz with Ghoul’s words of encouragement, plink continued on her journey to the Hall of The King. Skipping merrily along the path that led through the fields, plink eventually came to a city.
plink had heard of cities before, that they were dangerous, busy places best avoided by simple folk. Looking beyond the city to the mountains beyond, then out to the side where the city stretched away endlessly, plink saw that she would have to go through the city to get to the Hall.
The city was very crowded. It seemed that everyone was off to someplace else and was always in a great hurry. Being small of stature, plink was nearly trampled several times and despite it not being her fault, also got shouted at. Large vehicles, some with wheels and others floating it seemed, on a cushion of light, rumbled noisily past.
She hurried away from the streets and ducked into a theatre, where she found an empty seat in an alcove. Settling into the plush cushions, plink craned her neck to peer over the balcony at the stage below. The programme in her hands identified the play as ‘3-in-1 Kung Fu Girl,’ and while plink was reading it, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that someone else had followed her into the alcove.
The figure in the dark robe approached plink. Bowing politely, he introduced himself. 'I am Master Viewtru of the Jedi Council.’
Struck dumb by the sense of awesome power that hovered about this mysterious person, plink barely remembered to return his greeting.
Master Viewtru's face betrayed his momentary confusion. 'Are you not the one who will bring balance to the blogosphere?'
'Who?' plink too was confused.
'Are you not the Peranakan Blogstalker?'


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