03 May 2007

Sad movies and books

plink is reading at table. skunkie is passing by when....

plink: *sniffsniff*

skunkie: o.O

plink: *sobsob*

skunkie: ?

plink: I'm reading sad story.

skunkie: ?!

plink: Yalor, read sad story also can cry.

skunkie: !!

plink: Yes, mummy is a bit silly, crying when it's only a story after all.

skunkie: ROTFLOL!

plink: Same like when you cry watching sad movies lorr....

skunkie: -.-"


Isn't it silly though? The princess, taken so cruelly from her prince, will join him once more. There would be no story to tell if people led perfect lives. And sometimes there is nothing to do except the noble sacrifice.

Excuse me, I'm off to tease skunkie about watching Bambi again.


At 5:54 am, Blogger may said...

Bambi!! that's such a classic tale. I cry reading sad storybooks and watch sad movies too. and cry for joy when there's a happy ending. sweet!

At 10:43 am, Blogger King's wife said...

Err...I've never watched Bambi.

At 4:09 pm, Blogger plink said...

may: That's why I try to read in private. But sometimes, even the 'safe' books catch me out!
And happy endings are the worst (best?) for crying!

KW: Must watch!Psst... I think everyone's favourite Uncle can get for you. Special price summore!

At 4:45 pm, Anonymous zeroimpact said...

Wah, watch bambi cry one ah
I must watch it

At 11:27 pm, Blogger Simple American said...

Bambi makes me long for deer sausage and venison. wakakaka

I am a multitasker. I can cry while reading a book or watching a movie.

At 10:52 am, Blogger Chen said...

Your Skunkie is such a little darling

psss, i never watch Bambi leh..

At 1:31 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

aarrggghhh!!! bambi??? never, never will i watch coz until today - i've never watched it. i'm too much of a softie lar. give me blood n gore anytime. :P

At 4:35 pm, Blogger plink said...

ZI: Another one who hasn't watched Bambi? Faster go watch. otherwise I send Skunkie to watch with you. ;)

SA: Skunkie! Go visit Unker SAm!

Chen: You also haven't watch before?

yvy: Sorang lagi?!

OK, we must have a Bambi party sometime. Wait first ar, I go stock up on Kleenex first....

At 4:19 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

sudah 3 orang lar!! lol :P aiyoo...please la, let's all go watch the reaping. *nods in anticipation*

At 2:21 pm, Blogger Winn said...

um ummmmmmmm!!!!! sings * oh oh sad ..movie~ always make plink cries...* ..

u sure u not cutting onion?

At 12:10 am, Blogger Winn said...


At 1:18 pm, Blogger Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

i think I rather watch the movie about the prince and the princess aka Shrek :P


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