19 October 2005

The Blog(u) 5: Four Letters

‘Could I have seconds?’ asked a slender young woman at the other end of the table. Kucing Gatal hurried over with another helping.
‘She's really hungry, isn't she?’ plink asked Yvy quietly.
Hedonistics Anonymous? She loves her poetry, we all do.’
plink pondered that briefly. The plate was bare, Kucing Gatal hovered over her guests with more food at the ready and plink’s belly still grumbled hungrily. Their host smiled broadly at a particularly loud growl from inside plink and offered another helping. At that point, it made sense to have some more.

Later that evening, plink wandered about the inside of Kucing's house. Little pictures hung on the walls, pictures that were blog entries. Puzzled, plink drew nearer and started to read.
'Oh my!' plink exclaimed, overcome with confusion. The little one blushed so brightly even the ideas that swirled in the air took on a pinkish cast.
'Do you like it?' plink spun around at the quiet, almost shy question.
'Yes KG,' plink stammered to their host, 'I am learning many new things.'
'People and love. And hate. And....' plink's voice trailed off and the blush returned in earnest.
Kucing bent down and took the little one's face between gentle hands. Looking seriously at plink, she whispered, 'It's actually more fun to write it than to read it.' Then she winked.
A great roar of laughter came from the assembled guests, who were passing the fruits of their dinnertime labour around. Kucing took plink's little hand, 'Why don't we go see how the haikus are doing?'


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