25 October 2005

Do You Nia Ma Chao Hai?

Working late is difficult enough without having to cope with ever-shrinking deadlines or people screaming 'hurry up!'

I will get to your job as quickly as I can. There is no point in constantly calling me to check when I can 'do you.' The fewer calls I have to take, the faster I can get my work done and 'do you.'

Yes, you have deadlines. Guess what? I have deadlines too.

You have fast-looming deadlines. Surprise, surprise! I have fast-looming deadlines too.

Hypocrites. You tell me the job is mine then get all huffy when it isn't done, behaving as if it was yours all along. Make up your minds.

Do you get this at all? Do you? DO YOU?!

D'you nia machao jiabai?!


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