26 September 2005

plink am mememe....

This is a self-tag for a meme. Everyone else has bared their souls, so it’s only fair that I do too.

I am the child who cried a lot. I cried as a toddler when you left for work, unable to be separated from you. I cried when you sent me to school, again wanting to stay at home with you, where I learned more than in school.

I am the cousin who watched you have your first period and let you scare yourself silly instead of helping out.

I am the one you said ‘no’ to, understanding before I did that it would never have worked out for us. Thank you.

I am the one who said ‘no’ to you because I wasn’t ready.

I am the chocaholic at your workplace.

I am the one who walks like a goose.

I am the lazy little so-and-so who procrastinates, then works frantically at the last moment to finish, causing mayhem for other procrastinators like you.

I am the Hokkien-speaker who unknowingly helped to unleash five years of Hokkien-speaking renaissance upon our class in school.

I am the glutton who put on ten pounds in as many months through overeating, then whined that I wasn’t attractive any more and that it was so unfair.

I am the one at the gym who’s always checking you out but turns away when you look over.

I am the first one to ask after dinner, ‘Coffee anyone?’

I am the one who arrives at work with hair like Medusa and a disposition to match until I have had my coffee.

I am the one whose first answer to any request is ‘WHY?!’

I am the one whose mood swings are so regular you could set a watch by them.

I am the one whose mood swings are so violent that they have been banned by the Film Censors.

I am the one in the car behind you gesticulating rudely. Yes, the neatly dressed, arm-waving psychopath behind you. That’s me.

I am the friend with a strange CD collection that doesn’t go anywhere.

I am the friend whose handphone keeps going off when I’m trying to help you work problems out.

I am the sibling who shoved you down a flight of stairs and didn’t know to laugh or cry when you rolled all the way to the bottom.

I am the friend who watched while you got involved with an older woman and said nothing while others character-assassinated the both of you.

I am the child who successfully kept a straight face when we, as a family, were out buying a house and came upon one which was filled with ‘tasteful,’ nude portraits.

I am the child who stared uncomprehendingly at Awang the rhinoceros at Zoo Negara for one whole minute before realizing that the vast torrent of water crashing into the wall behind him was Awang having a wee.

I am the troubleshooter at work that occasionally wants to shoot you.

I lie awake at night, wondering if you’ll make it home safely and if I’ll ever see you again.

I am the student who never paid attention in Chinese class and am now a grade-A banana.

I am the one who jumped when you touched my hand. You were so shaken, it was a week before we spoke again.

I am the child who cried at the end of Jaws 2. Why did they have to kill off the shark which was just doing what sharks do?

I am plink, and I am funky.


At 4:58 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

grade A-banana? hhmmm......;P

At 5:15 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yalah. Yellow outside, white and mushy on the inside... :-*

At 9:01 am, Anonymous yvy said...

hehehehe!! got it....i am buah salak - scaly on the outside but white n hard, yet sweet n sour on the inside!! hehehe....

hey...this would make a GREAT post. :) hhmm...off to start equating fruits n humans. :P

At 3:20 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yvy: Can I start by comparing rambutans to AhLians? Red hair on outside and covered in irritating AhBeng kerengga. Tries so hard to be sweet on the inside but there's a hard stone at the core.

*braces self for hate mail*

At 5:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew there was someone to blame. Now I know it's you. Tsk.

Reversing into small spaces isn't easy, you know. Some compassion, please!


At 2:04 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

hahaha!! CAAAAAAAAAAn!! why not indeed....:)

At 3:47 pm, Blogger plink said...

Cx: Wakaka...! Next time, I'll use the horn too. ;-)

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