05 April 2006

Armageddon a headache....

Tan Yee Wei, your name is mud.

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the blogosphere, just when it felt cool enough to dip my toes back in again. Just when the blog-apple looked safe enough to eat, along came Yee Wei and....

YeeWei: Buy a blog-apple from an old crone.
plink: *blinkblink* Arr?
YeeWei: I'm old and feeble and... won't you buy an apple from an old woman?
plink: Eh, you talking what?
YeeWei: *gives up* Look.... Apple to you. Money to me. Buy. Apple.
plink: Oh yar!
plink: *Grab apple* *give money* *Eats apple*
YeeWei: Oh by the way, you've been tagged. *smirkz*
plink: Eh, you're not an old w.... *pengsan*

The Rules : Write a composition using the following 10 words. The composition is not to be more than 300 words in length. The words must be used in the order found on the list. Each word presented in the list must be used only once.

The Words :
Actinide / Juvenescence / Ease / Oval Office / Cottager / Accede / Biryani / Crashing / Screenplay / Space shuttle

And before I awake (and go pelt Yee Wei with more blog-apples), here's what I dreamed:

Actinide….’ Sadie pondered her chemistry textbook. As she sat in a crowded school library amidst a quietly swirling mass of juvenescence, Sadie’s eyes still saw, but read nothing. Sadie and her teachers were always worried about her attention span. The ease with which Sadie lost concentration was of great concern across town.
At the Oval Office, under a portrait of George Washington, the President sought answers.
Cottager. What kind of a name is that?’
‘Sorry, Mr. President. Our random names generator gets weird once in a while.’
The President pondered that for a while. ‘And Hollywood?’
‘They will accede to our demands, Mr. President.’
‘Good. I don’t like them using our own citizens for this kind of thing,’ the President jumped out of his chair and began pacing the room. ‘What kind of a sick mind thinks up these shenanigans anyway?’
‘Sorry,’ his Chief of Staff apologized, putting down his cellphone. ‘That's lunch today. The Indian embassador sends his compliments.’
‘Concentrate, Jim, concentrate. What kind of twisted individual messes with the minds of children? If word gets out, this could all come crashing down on us. Nobody will believe that we’ve only just found out today.’
The Chief of Staff shifted nervously in his seat. ‘Mr. President, you would not believe me if I told you.’
‘Try me.’
‘Excuse me?’
‘It’s true. The FBI and the NSA agree that screenwriters in Hollywood are behind this, Mr. President. They have implanted very small computers in the thirteen children involved; computers that harness the limitless imaginations of their minds.’
‘To write the greatest screenplay of all time, of course.’
‘What have they come up with?’
‘Something about a meteorite, a space station and a space shuttle.’
‘Dear God…. This means….’
‘Armageddon. Yes, Mr. President.'
‘The Lord have mercy….’

(menulis 300 patah perkataan... plinkometrico!)


At 10:45 pm, Blogger Simple American said...

Oooh! You dun good. Ivy tag me with this same one ya! Hmpf!!!

At 11:48 pm, Blogger may said...

wot the...
Actinide? Juvenescence? Accede??
*goes and consults dictionary...*

At 12:25 am, Blogger L B said...

*brings carton of Panadol, and other assorted painkillers, for the plinkomatrix*

All Hail! All Hail, the mighty plinkopalooza!!

At 1:12 am, Blogger Lao Chen said...

Is LB using pharmaceutical sacrifices to appease The Great plink (TGp)?

I'm not that evil lar...

Lovely 300 words. I could eat it all up.

At 5:01 am, Blogger plink said...

10Q, 10Q!
SAm: Sorry for you, Uncle SAm. But I know you'll come good: you always do. :)
may: The YeeWei made me do it!
*points at Yee Wei*
Go Tan Yee Wei's blog and check out the erti2.... Very-the-chiim oii....
LB: *Panadol gratefully received* And thanks for the other painkillers too. Wonder if YeeWei will be needing some....
YeeWei: Flattery will get you nowhere. See? I got so engrossed in this, I forgot to tag people. Happy now? *unstable grin*

At 2:05 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

hahaha....i knew u'd knock us off our feet - as usual. :) was damn fun lar .....hehehe!

At 3:44 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yvy: TQVMuch. This YeeWei, right, teruk betul.... OK, next time we give him susah mya words. In BM.... ;)


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