05 October 2006

Indecisions, indecisions

What's a little plink to do when things just... happen?

What's a little plink to do when these things are beyond plink's control?

What's a little plink to do when there are choices and decisions to make?

What's a little plink to do when there is not much to choose between these choices and decisions?

What is a little plink to do when the future beckons and the past mocks?

What is a little plink to do when things look like they might... just might, be getting better?

I wonder if Superstar, by Jamelia, is the right song to listen to at the moment:

I don't know what it is
That makes me feel like this
I don't know who you are
But you must be some kind of superstar
'Cause you got all eyes on you no matter who you are


At 5:21 pm, Blogger titoki said...


When things happened, just follow the flow.

Just my dua cents... ;)

Happy Mooncake Festival to you!!!

At 5:59 pm, Blogger angel said...

Darn! I was gonna say what Titoki said!!! Really wan! No kidding! *shudders at the thot*

Go With The Flow
was what I wanted to errr... blow?

Haiya, sorilah... I want to make it rhyme maaa!

DYK that I believe in plink? ;)


At 6:41 pm, Blogger L B said...

toss a coin could be a solution, but that's finding your lucky coin first..

when all else fails, go AGAINST the flow..

At 7:17 pm, Anonymous may said...

Just Do It!

*waltzes around with plinku*

At 7:35 pm, Blogger Pink Cotton said...

*dances to Superstar with may and plink*

YAY! nice song...

*sign along*

hey ya.. hey ya~!!!!

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Simple American said...

Don't you have a coin of infinite decision making? Flip it and your path will be clear.

But honestly. Little plinks are clever girls. Just relax. Just think. Don't panic. You'll be just fine.

Hugs the superstar Plinksan.

At 10:38 pm, Blogger Lil' Joy said...

In respective order

They just have to happen.

Then there's nothing much Little Plink can do about them.

They are little Plink's to make and no one else.

The better. Less choices, less confusion.

Definitely chase after the future.

Then little Plink should be very very pleased indeed.

I just kaypoh only lah ;)

At 11:32 pm, Blogger plink said...

titoki: Happy Mooncake Festival to you too! *Yum, lotus paste and kuaci flavour*

Wah, two sen!

*masuk $0.02 into the Let's buy plink a MacBook Fund*

angel: Ahplinku belif in angels wan!!

AhWongKor: Look! titoki jiejie gave me her Lucky Dua Sen! *flipflipflip* :D

*waltzwaltz with may and pinku*

may: Hahaha! Spokeswoman for a certain swooshy sports company? ;)
Am doing it! Am doing it! But that just sounds so wrong.
*whack the Founders of the LinCockaWingz Institute before they can make krever remarks*

pinku: Yay! Superstar! *dancing summore*

*hugzback for Superstar American*

SA: I am feeling the butterflies in my stomach, but I think they are being helpful this time.

Lil' Joy: *kepohkepoh togeder with Lil' Joy* :D
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but then it becomes very difficult to type and make coffee and.... ;)

At 12:12 pm, Anonymous may said...

plinku, I miss youuuuuuu...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

*dances with lantern in right hand, a fan in left hand...*

At 10:06 pm, Blogger nyonyapenang said...

carpe diem! ;)

At 2:25 am, Blogger Winn said...

pliku..happy tanglung jit.....:)

may u have a good one.
dun think abt too much. dun think dun think jus enjoy ur weekend

At 4:04 am, Blogger plink said...

may: *dance with lantern in right hand, fan in left*
and a one and a two and....

nyonyapenang: *red mooncake carpet!* I'm carpe-ing! Carpe-ing! :D

winn: Heppy tanglung jit to you too. *dancing with winn and may and... who else interested?*

At 9:37 pm, Anonymous kat said...

Little plinks are very resourceful and clever little things...darting here and there, weighing this and that...
Finally the light at the end of the tunnel..? A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..? Sau tak wan hoi, keen yuet meng (finally the clouds clear, and the moon is visible)..? Quite apt for Mid-Autumn Festival, don't you think?
*hands plink-y a lotus paste with lots of kuaci mooncake and a cup of hot jasmine tea..*

At 4:36 am, Blogger plink said...

Thank you!

*divides up mooncake*

Everyone come quickly! Auntie kat brought mooncake and tea!

At 2:38 pm, Anonymous zeroimpact said...

Things happen for a reason
You will be well and you are a superstar in so many eyes
Just flow with the tide

At 2:23 am, Blogger mistipurple said...

chup!! 16th position i know.


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