16 September 2006

Merdeka 2006: Part III

Having seen into the past and looked at the present, I wonder what the future holds for our beloved nation.
On this, the 43rd Birthday of Malaysia, let us sing of the future we can make.


Sejahtera Malaysia

Puji dan syukur pada Ilahi
Anugerahnya tiada terhingga
Kedamaian kemakmuran
Malaysiaku bahagia

Dengan tekad untuk berjaya
Berbakti pada nusa dan bangsa
Kami junjung cita-cita luhur
Perpaduan seluruh negeri

( korus )

Seia sekata sehati sejiwa
Menghadapi cabaran
Kami sedia kami setia
Berkorban untuk negara

Bersemarak Malaysia tercinta
Kibarkan panji kebesarannya
Kami rela menjaga namamu
Sejahtera Malaysia


Update 21 Sept 2006
For readers whose Bahasa Malaysia is not up to par (like me), a translation follows. It is not exact, but you can (just about) sing it....

Malaysia, The Bountiful

All praise and glory to the name of God
His gifts aplen-ty, boundless as the sky
Bless’d twice with peace, prosperity
Rejoice, belov-ed Malaysia

In name of King and Country sally forth
To build a nation for us one and all
Our unity, the greatest of our worth
For side by side we shall stand tall

One of soul, of purpose, one of mind, one of heart
In the face of all our trials
Never apart, never to part
We shall conquer with our smiles

Shine forth, O glo-rious Malaysia of mine
Shine forth, bright light of South East Asia
Forevermore the world at large will know
The name of our Malaysia


At 10:59 pm, Blogger Chen said...

Selamat Hari Malaysia :)

I remember listening to this song during my secondary school days..
that was something like more than one and half decade ago liao..

At 11:05 pm, Blogger Chen said...

trying to recall the name of the female artist who sang this song (Sejahtera Malaysia)
Is it Francissa Peter?
The song was played every night prior to the prime time news at 8 pm during those days :)

At 11:22 pm, Anonymous may said...

oh gosh, I only vaguely remember this song. anyone knows the melody to it? definitely not coming to mind... lol! happy malaysia day!

At 11:30 pm, Blogger Chen said...

hehhe.. I still remember the melody & the lyrics :P

At 12:33 am, Blogger Simple American said...

I thought it was 49th birthday?

*stands respectfully while the Malaysians sing*

At 1:42 am, Blogger Cocka Doodle said...

Thank you Royston Sta maria for this beautiful composition. *Cocka holding a glass in toast*

At 1:45 am, Anonymous zeroimpact said...

Now this is nostalgic
*sniff sniff*
It was worth the wait

At 7:37 am, Blogger plink said...

Chen: Sshhh... not so loud. Do you know, I can't remember who sang or even wrote it?

may: I didn't remember it either, until I started to write Part III. =)

Chen: Music and lyrics are a bit difficult to find on the web, ar? But I do remember, that it was a short, simple song.

SA: 49th on 31 August, for West Malaysia. On this day 43 years ago, East Malaysia (and the country now known as Singapore) joined with Malaya (as West Malaysia was then known) to form (you guessed it) Malaysia! =D
You can sing along too! (Passes karaoke mike to SA

Cocka: Royston Sta Maria is the composer? You learn something new every day!

*Kleenex to zeroimpact*
We all need a little nostalgia every now and again. But isn't it kind of ironic that this piece of nostalgia is about the future?

At 1:32 pm, Blogger fantasyflier said...

I havent a clue unfortunately, come to think of it, I cant remember anything from Spore either, die, memory going... *different kind of sniffle*

At 9:13 pm, Blogger L B said...

I'll join in fantasyflier's gang, and look blur blur.. I can't remember either.. but I can remember my old school anthem, for what it's worth!

At 2:19 am, Blogger Winn said...

wah this one so proper..

i remember singign this song in sch last time! haha. but i didnt understand wat it means then...

now too:p

At 1:46 pm, Blogger titoki said...

I can only remember...

Malaysia, Malaysia,
Bebas dan merdeka,
bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda...


At 3:18 pm, Blogger plink said...

o.O Like this also can?

Okok... transration coming up.

FF: Not getting older, but getting wiser. The excuse I use is that I only need to remember the important things. ;)

*Kleenex to you too*

LB: See? You could teach FF a thing or two about remembering important things!

winn: Aiyo... ok, going to transrate liao (like my BM so pakar lidat...).

titoki: OMG, that's another song! One day, must find excuse to post it up. Kekeke....

At 12:29 am, Blogger angel said...


if i remember correctly, 3 ladies sang this song, Francessa Peters, Elaine Kang and another Malay lady singer... aiyak... lupa her name... rohana something? liuliu memory...

At 6:08 am, Blogger plink said...


Welcome home angel!

Thank you, I learn another new thing now! ;)

At 9:31 pm, Anonymous kat said...

Wish I may, wish I might,
feel nostalgic here tonight...
* sigh..*
...maybe I really need to go away to make the heart grow fonder...

At 4:21 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Oh gosh. I don't know the words Plinksan. Just tell me when the hi notes come and I will pinch some nice booties to help hit those notes. hehe

Just trying to help.

At 7:19 pm, Blogger angel said...

Oi! Put your update in a new entry lahhh! Where got ppl read old liuliu entry again wan?? Liuliu lar you... *LOL* :P


At 10:39 pm, Blogger plink said...

kat: O.O I remember this one!
Starlight, star bright
First star I see tonight....

Nostalgia strikes again, with a vengeance.... *sigh*
And if you can't go away, I find leafing through old photo albums makes the heart grow fonder.... ;)

SA: Transration for you oredi! :D

angel: Kekeke.... transration worr.... how ah? Can pakai or not? Or Engrish wan....

At 11:01 pm, Anonymous kat said...

I've been taking a good look around, reminding myself of the good things. You know what? The sad thing is, I do see all the good things but I feel helpless that I can't change all the bad. And so despite all things good and beautiful, I believe I will go...wish me luck..

At 3:15 am, Blogger Simple American said...

I see. Now when should I pinch for the high notes? ;P

At 8:01 pm, Blogger plink said...

kat: Good luck and best wishes, wherever you go and whatever you do. May you find what you seek and change what you must. May beauty follow you and love hold your hand. May goodness and beauty be your companions forevermore....

SA: *;Pback* *pinches SA*
*looks for the words to America, America*

At 2:08 am, Blogger angel said...

Paging for Plink Kaur! Paging for Plink Kaur! U are needed @ LB Singh's garden immediately! I repeat, you are needed @ LB Singh's garden immediately!!!

At 3:29 pm, Blogger plink said...

See lah you all. I get distracted for a short while and you hold a Punjabi party without my knowing it.

*continues The Lightbulb dance*

At 2:57 am, Blogger angel said...

that's why i came to page for u lah...

*angel's lightbulb not lighting after staring at the Lightbulb dance*
Ha mik dansu lai??

At 9:50 am, Blogger Winn said...

plink plinku ..come join our gathering one day ..wan?


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