23 May 2007


A teacup. Slender tentacles wind carefully around the teacup, placing it on top of other teacups arranged in careful rows.
Another teacup. Tiny hands lift it up to other teacups arranged in careful rows
Yet another teacup. A set of black and white paws place it onto other teacups carefully arranged in rows.


Dr. Chen: plink, skunkie and a sotong are making long rows of porcelain teacups as high as they can reach. Can you tell what they have been doing? Let's go ask them.

sotong: *buildbuild*

Dr. Chen: Are you putting teacups together?

sotong: *dunno* Am I?

Dr. Chen: Yes, you are. What are you building?

sotong: *dunno* Am I building?

Dr. Chen: How about you, skunkie?

skunkie: !!

Dr. Chen: Building with teacups, yes. What for?

skunkie *dunno*

Dr. Chen: plink. Do you know what you are building?

plink: *dunno*

Dr. Chen: *to audience* Do you know what they are building?



At 5:10 pm, Blogger may said...

they're building a Sotong Space Station so that they can... errr... breed more sotongs?

At 6:23 pm, Blogger angel said...

A ship for the next instalment of Pirates of The Caribbean! Yay!!!

At 6:28 pm, Blogger Chen said...

might be they are building statue?
skunkie statue kua?
or sotong statue?

At 8:54 am, Blogger Bkworm said...

A teacup building, of course! LOL!!

At 1:43 pm, Anonymous zeroimpact said...

Building castles???

At 4:32 pm, Blogger plink said...

may: Space Station? Nearly there.... When plink, skunkie and sotong are done, we might be able to see this one from a Space Station.

angel: Pirates of The Carribean!! Carry bean? This one is movie about coffee-drinking pirates ka? *blursotong*

chen: Wakaka! Build statue from teacups pulak. But that is a very good idea. OK, On the next episode of Ask Dr. Chen....

bkworm: LOL!! Yes, but what kind of teacup building? <.< >.>

zeroimpact: Nearly there???

At 8:12 pm, Blogger Metria said...

A porcelain palace ... made entirely of teacups.

Invaders who attack merely have to make a huge pot of tea (the one in Trengganu would have been handy), pour it into the top row, drink, smash, and so on.

Row by row till there's nothing left but a big pile of porcelain.

Correct ah??

At 11:37 am, Anonymous yvy said...

metria!!! u curi idea liow lar....but ur idea more detail lar. i was just going to say a tall stack of teacups! bwaahahaha! :)

At 4:01 am, Blogger plink said...

metria: Soooo close!

yvy: Great minds thinking alike lor, you both!

I wonder what skunkie and the sotong are up to....


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