02 August 2005

Help, it’s Stevie Wonder!

My unwholesome mirth at Suanie’s animal pr0n is so wrong. How could I (and a number of her readers, judging by the comments) be so tickled by pr0n? It all comes back to the definition of pornography.

Much as it shames me to admit it, there is nothing explicit about the pictures. Quite simply, the pictures show two (later three) soft toys in various positions in relation to one another. The next ingredient is Suanie’s wonderfully persuasive storytelling style. Finally, add two more volatile things to the mix: the tendency to anthropomorphism and our dirty minds. Voila, instant pr0n!

I’m so dirty-minded: shame on me.
Suanie’s taken advantage of it: shame on her.
Everyone else has also willingly succumbed: shame on us.
We’re all soft-toy hardcore addicts: so what the fuss?


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