15 September 2005

The GLOW or Exercise = alcohol

Ever notice (sorry for poaching on FS's turf here) how people look their best when exercising?

People we wouldn't normally look twice at suddenly become attractive when they start working it, shaking that booty or whatever it is they do at the gym. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Of course, anyone drenched in sweat and stinking of old socks is a major turn-off. What I'm talking about it balance, people. BALANCE!

I mean that Glow that people get when they're HOT. When they're all flushed with excitement and getting warm (steady...); when people have only just started to perspire gently; that's when they become more attractive. They get The Glow.

It's just like what happens when we've been drinking. People who would otherwise be dismissed as plain suddenly become quite cute.

The good points are:
We don't have to buy or drink anything or get drunk.
They are the ones doing all the hard work.

Bad points:
We're working out as well. But then we get 'The Glow' too!
There are people at gym who we don't really want eyeing us up.

Or maybe I'm just a pervert who's going to get my ears cussed off....


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