15 September 2005

Tongkat Irony!

If your wit is limp and embarrassing, despair no longer. If all you can manage are inane puns, we can help.

Trying too hard? Fallen down and can't get up?

Doktor plink has the cure for you: Tongkat Irony!

No more reliance on the uncertain powers of thought and consideration. Free yourself from the chains of care and friendship. Education and a love of life no longer constrain you. With Tongkat Irony, you can now make instant statements contradicting the obvious for longer.

Abuse the ears of those around you with inane non-observations. Wind up your colleagues. With Tongkat Irony, you can now carry on all day, past the point of satisfaction.

Here's one of our customers:
'Thanks to Tongkat Irony, my wife left me and took the children with her.'

Tongkat Irony: making ears bleed since when nobody cared!


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