15 September 2005

Warning: High Iron(y) (dis)content

plink has no sense of humour. plink perasan!

'Like your new hairdo!'
'Wow, your hair nicer this way-lar.'

Look both ways.
Then cross the road so I can smack you silly.

Irony is a form of wit, yes? Ergo, irony is funny, yes?

NO! A hundred times NO!

Bad hair may be funny, but ironic ironymongers are not.

Let me tell you something: nothing makes bad hair ok. It's like tummy roll or clothes the wrong size. It's just plain wrong. No amount of compliments, backhanded, cackhanded or otherwise is going to make me feel better about it. Is everyone on Tongkat Irony today?

Why not try making me feel better in general? Too difficult? Thanks a bunch. BTW, that's sarcasm, not irony.


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