30 August 2005

Honey, I shrunk the tea

Honey is a very nice sweetener for tea. So good is honey at what it does that I’ve stopped using sugar altogether. It’s not just that honey is sweet and carries its own flavour into the mix (acacia honey is especially nice).

Honey pours nicely, or rather, doesn’t. Honey is a trap for the unwary, making the journey from the jar to coffee mug /teacup a nervous affair.

Honey needs to be coaxed out of the jar. If summoned against its will and scooped quickly, will come out in force. The resulting glob of sticky amber stuff oversweetens and then we wonder why we bothered in the first place.

More commonly what happens is that on seeing the large mass of honey, we are overcome by indecision. Honey is great friends with gravity, so it then deposits itself on the kitchen counter.

Honey is dangerous stuff. It’s human relationships in microcosm, no?


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