30 October 2005

The Blog(u) 7: Doctor, doctor, give me the news…

‘Siao ah? You beating up little girls now, izzit?’
‘Harlow! I’m saving her from Fear and all the rest, okay?’
‘See lah you! Her eyes open but no respon; fivethreefivefour orredy.’
‘It’s normal for a case like this.’
‘Eh, you doctor or me doctor?’

‘Wake up, little one,’ a gentle hand shook plink awake. plink’s eyes opened to see three faces staring down at her. The first was the man in white, another was obviously a doctor with a donut-like mirror strapped to his head. The third one’s curiously gentle features gave plink the feeling that they had met before, a long time ago.
‘You are safe now. They won’t come back.’ The curiously-dressed man in white took plink’s little hand in his. Reassurance and calm flowed from his fingers, gently washing away plink’s worries.
‘plink needs to rest,’ the doctor said. ‘You can come back later.’
‘She needs to know,’
‘Later lah, no need to kaupeh kaubu. There’s plenty of time, noble Ghost Hunter.’
Still a little dizzy, plink sat carefully up in bed and watched the Ghost Hunter and the Third Man leave. Bewildered, plink asked the good doctor, ‘Where am I?’
‘This is a blogfield,’came the distracted reply. He rummaged briefly through his black bag and produced a pen and paper.
‘But it looks like a clinic,’ plink felt the dizziness returning once more. There was nothing remotely resembling a blogfield in sight, just a writing desk, a consultation couch and the doctor.
‘Yes, but it is a blog nonetheless. Let me show you.’ The doctor began to scribble in his pad. Slowly at first, he wrote faster and faster, then finished with a dramatic flourish of his pen. A potted plant appeared in the corner with the flickering lights of ideas swirling among its leaves.
plink slid down from the couch and went over to the plant. Ideas and comments swirled about it. plink caught the scent of dry humour and the subtle touch of irony from the plant. She spun round to the doctor. ‘I want to write like that,’ she declared.
He nodded, smiling. ‘Then start writing. Day by day, you will get better.’
‘Where do I start?’
The doctor pulled out his PSP, ‘Think about it, you’ll know who to see next.’
‘The Ghost Hunter?’
‘Very good,’ the doctor approved. ‘He and the Third Man will get you started.’ He frowned, looking first at plink then at his PSP. ‘You also really ought to eat more.’
‘Thank you,’ said plink, ‘I think.’ Then she went to find the Ghost Hunter.


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