28 November 2005

The Blog(u) 13: No hate, no anger, nor….

It was much later, at the local kopitiam, when plink was well enough to ask the Jedi Master Viewtru, ‘How did you know? You’re the first person to see it.’
‘Them,’ he corrected her.
‘You saw all of them?!’
‘Fear made the first move, but they were all there.’
‘But how…?’
‘It’s a gift. Of course, you see them and they see you.’
‘Why did Fear attack you?’
‘Only you know the answer, plink. And if you are Peranakan Blogstalker, it is very important that you find out.’
‘Important enough to hit me for?’ she demanded, pulling back the sleeve of her smock. ‘See?! That bruise will take forever to heal!’
viewtru looked away, muttering frantically. ‘A Jedi shall know no hate, nor anger… nor the inside of a little girl’s dress.’
‘This is so wrong.’ He growled more firmly. ‘Put that away, we have more important things to discuss.’
‘This is important and we’re not discussing anything until you’ve apologized.’
‘Bloody peasant….’
‘I said I’m trying to be pleasant. *whew*’
‘Yes, o Master Whewtru.’
‘Look, Fear is a part of you, as are all the others.’
‘Think, plink, think.’ Viewtru rubbed at his temples in exasperation. ‘Whatever is done to one of you, the others will also feel.’
‘Look, mister….’
‘I hit Fear and all of you felt it. Understand?’
‘Cheesin! Where got such stewpid things like that one? You think I was bornyesterdaychunchoybodohtiadaakalsiaoginnah izzit?
Then she felt Master Viewtru strike her again. ‘Aiyak! Lose argument oredi, don’t be such a poor sportlah, can or…’ and plink suddenly stopped as Verbiage’s depairing scream trailed away into the distance. She looked at the Jedi Master, whose single raised eyebrow spoke volumes.
plink looked again inside her dress. ‘Yioh! This is going to take forever-times-two to heal….’


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