29 November 2005

The Blog(u) 14: Shooting stars

plink’s meeting with Master Viewtru was deeply unsettling, both for what it revealed and what remained hidden. Leaving the bustling metropolis behind, plink hurried across the badlands towards the Hall of the King. As she traveled, the little one pondered the things she had learned and the things she had not.

It was possible to see the Fear and Doubt of others. Master Viewtru had seen hers well enough.
‘If you see them, they see you.’ plink’s Fear and Doubt did not take kindly to being seen.
‘It is also possible to defeat them,’ thought plink. Master Viewtru only spoke one word and his power was such that the four evils were dispatched each time. All plink needed was to find the source of such power, but the Jedi Master was unable to help.

‘What is the use of all that power then?’ plink wondered.
‘What use indeed?’ Fear barred the path ahead. plink knew then without looking that the four evils were around her.
‘You are still going to blog?’ It was almost an accusation.
‘No, I am only going to the Hall of the King,’ plink replied but Fear would not be deceived.
‘You will go nowhere. It ends here.’
The knowledge plink had gained from the Ghost Hunter and the Third Man came back quickly. Knowing what was to come, plink danced lightly aside as the four evils struck. Razor-sharp claws glinted in the cold sunlight as they tore at the air where plink had been.
Calmly, she countered with the full force of her knowledge. plink's feather-light touch moved with the speed born of practice and all four evils were thrown back.
Warily they circled, just out of plink’s reach. The little one’s head was bowed and her eyes closed as she prepared for their next move. While she waited, plink felt each of the blows she had struck throb uncomfortably in her own body.
The evil four moved again, fangs and claws bared. plink countered swiftly with all the knowledge she could muster. When she was done, all five of them lay immobile in the dirt. The desert wind swept, cold and dry, over them. plink felt nothing, only she knew that none could move because of what she had done.
A rasping groan that sounded like her own voice came to plink's ears and she looked to see Fear struggling to its feet. Alarmed, plink clenched her power and burned away her wounds. Knowledge and strength raced through her veins as plink regained her feet and started towards the four evils. To her alarm, they too rose from the ground, bearing no trace of the battle that had just happened.
‘What happens to one of us…’ Verbiage wagged a disapproving finger.
‘…Happens to us all.’ finished Bombast, with a malicious smirk.
A vast cloud of familiar grey moths appeared suddenly over the four. ‘You’re not the only one with ideas around here, plink.’ As the moths burst brightly into flame, plink raised ideas of her own.

Shooting stars, plink was reminded of shooting stars. The winding paths of fiery moths arching over the field towards her, burning with the light of ideas, was very pretty. Her own shooting stars, flying towards the four evils, were just as nice.
Sparks and blinding explosions of eye-searing colours shook air and ground alike where the ideas came together. The detonations and shards of light burned and crackled in the space between them for a time. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, the rolling thunder of their disagreement came inexorably closer to plink. She had lost.
The light of ideas was beautiful and blindingly intense. plink wondered, as the incandescent hail came towards her, if she would ever see it again.


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