23 January 2006

The Blog(u) 20: No comment

‘Doth profound thought of a necessity preceed thine every comment?’
‘What’s the use if I’m only repeating what everyone else is saying?’
The Queen of the Hills rolled her eyes heavenward. In a tragic voice, her hands upturned, she asked nobody in particular, ‘Why me?’
‘I knew giving plink some of Misai’s Brew was a bad idea.’ Queen Fy of the Rivers sat nearby, a goblet of strangely compelling red liquid in her hands. the blood-coloured drink seemed to call playfully to plink, a call edged with a warning of danger.
‘Come here.’ Queen Sun had recovered her composure. She took plink by the hand and led the little one to a blogtree. ‘Read it and comment.’
‘Now?’ plink was overcome by confusion.
‘Yes, now.’
‘Can I think about it?’
‘Thinking isn’t necessary, especially when you look at some of the other comments already out there.’
‘People are stupid?’
Queen Sun looked around at the other two queens. ‘This one speaks its mind too much.’
‘Behold,’ said Queen Min, ‘plink doth mockingly toast thee with Misai’s Brew. An innocent she doth pretend to be, but innocent she is not.’
plink’s hand changed direction mid-toast and Queen Sun turned to find the little one sipping innocently at face-numbing brew. The Queen of the Hills glowered at plink as the other two queens fell about laughing.
‘Do you mock me?’ she asked, her voice dreadfully quiet.
With a voice every bit as quiet, plink struggled to keep a straight face as she replied, ‘No.’
Queens Min and Fy howled anew with laughter. Wiping at her eyes, the Queen of the Rivers declared, ‘What plink’s home is like, I have no idea. I feel so sorry for pMom and pDad.’
plink quailed slightly as Queen Sun drew herself up to her full height. With the distant rumble of thunder in her voice, she pointed to the blogtree and ordered, ‘Comment. Now.’
Sick with fear and ginger, plink felt her stomach give a little lurch. Then she hiccupped. Out came a little spark of light. Blazing brightly, it sang aloud to plink. A little grey moth fluttered up from plink’s bundle and she knew what to do.
Spiralling upwards and trailing fire, the two ideas circled skywards. Higher and higher they rose from the forest until they seemed as one. When they eventually returned, settling into plink’s cupped hands, the two ideas had joined. The little one stared in amazement at the giggling, bubbly lightning that danced between her fingers.
‘Post it up then,’ Queen Sun’s voice was gentle. ‘Go on.’
Dimly aware of the three queens behind her, plink went over to the blogtree and set the comment free. Rising slowly, it came to a rest among the leaves where it met and played with other comments.
There in the Forest did plink remain awhile. While the Queens of the Hills, the Valleys and the Rivers watched, did she play amongst the trees. But in the shadows, there waited four who knew that one day they too would play amongst the trees.


At 8:21 pm, Blogger L B said...

You DO have a way with words! :-) I remain astounded, as always.. And may I make an appointment for the Queens? An audience, perhaps? I need to get some blogtree twigs off my chest..

At 12:04 am, Blogger Simple American said...

So that thing in the drak recesses is a blog tree. Well now I have better idea on how to handle it. Thank you plink.

Can this unworthy one become an iBro?

At 1:09 am, Blogger plink said...

LB: 10Q 10Q! The 3Queens you speak of are the three names below that of iSis.... Should you seek the knowledge of what went before, tRead carefully to The Blog(u): A Blogger's Tale; an index page it doth be.
SAm: Your blogtree is quite nice also. :) Patience iBro, my laziness is to blame. When next I update the template, then shall you be revealed in your true splendour.... hehe.

At 1:50 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

wah...plink...as always, ur blogstory always leave me all blurry eyed. you so cleber to weave the words. ;)

At 5:25 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yvy: Nolar... if true events, then only have to dress things up a bit onry mar.... ;) 10Q10Q!

At 10:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes. 10x for thoughts!

At 1:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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