18 January 2006

The Name is Bond?

*roll James Bond theme*
*camera pans through casino, to a dapper gentleman sipping at a martini*

Fresh from multiple encounters with Blowjob and her furry kitty in Goldblogger, an overworked and underpaid Mr. Bond heads for a well-earned holiday in the Maldives. Neither he nor MI6 know that deep within the jungles, yet another plan to take over the world is being hatched.

*Scene of a hard-pressed Mr. Bond using PowerBookG4 to open up washing machines*
*Soapy water spills everywhere.*
*Pursuing villains slip, slide and generally look silly as they fall over en masse*

‘Who… who are you?’
‘Bond. L-Bond.’

This summer, coming soon to a cinema near you, The Blog is No Enough. Starring BangChai as L-Bond, Secret Agent 00L.

‘Do you expect me to talk?’
‘Why no, Mr. Bond. I expect you to blog. Using narrowband. And no more lormaikai for you.’

Filmed on location at bangchai.blogspot.com and the Maldives using Blogavision in full RoseColourGlasses and a cast of thousands (ok, tens but you never know).

The Blog Is No Enough.

‘Wow, CharSiew, KauYoke, FuLat, HamJimPeng… you lay a good spread.’
‘Yes… wait a minute! Where got FuLat?! Oh, but you’re such a cunning linguist….’


At 7:17 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

oie....l-bond should have pretty lady as assistant ma....*ahem* how come you never cast her arr? *AHEM* you should you know? *ME! ME! ME!*

so how ar? ;)

At 7:21 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yvy: Soli! Soli! There was going to be something there about a Yvy-penny (see last line) but forgot to write the name oni! Aiyak.... *runsaway to get eyes checked again*

At 2:29 am, Blogger L B said...

R O F L M A O ! ! ! !

O M G ! ! ! L O L ! !

I'm glad to have read this in the privacy of my home, rather than from the studio, cos, I just totally cracked up B I G T I M E reading that!!! Even more than yvy's penis falling off in 2 weeks' time! Rowrrrr!! *snort*

At 4:21 pm, Blogger plink said...

LB: 10Q,10Q! Sounds like you had a great day, L-Bond. Be careful though: you never know if Blowjob's waiting just around the corner. If in doubt, call YvyPenny. She'll help you out.... ;)

At 6:10 pm, Blogger Metria said...

You seem to be a cunning linguist too, Plink ;)

At 7:11 pm, Blogger plink said...

metria: 10Q but shh.... I have a reputation to protect. :D

At 3:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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