17 January 2006

Take ten words....

... a couple of marbles (the ones I haven't yet lost); stir in a half-pound of wonder and one of imagination. Cook in a Brainwave oven at 275 degrees of Frustration for too many minutes and here you have it!
Yioh! Been tagged by The Yvyl Yvy. Sounds like a competition, but nobody's said what the prizes are. :(

The Golden Rules:

1) Write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:- I- me- blowjob (substituted with: freezing)- grapes- random- power- loneliness- water - robot (substituted with: haunted)- blue
I’ve tried to use them in order, because apparently, I get brownie points for doing so. And I like brownies, so…. :)

2) Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words. Guess which two words I’ve changed….

3) Your essay must make some kind of sense. If it’s not cool, then it won’t get published…. No problemlar, I publish sendiri mya!

4) Send to 5 people. Rats, I’m one of the last people to get tagged. Everyone I know has been tagged. Why?! (*Remove tag*)
I think I’ll just leave one:

  • Anyone who considers themselves tagged ~ you’re it!
And our main event today… *jengjengjeng*

"Please do come in. I was not expecting any visitors so please forgive the mess. What’s an old woman to do? Very little interests me now. Only one day in the whole year means anything any more. Everyone else will say, ‘That old witch is crazy,’ but my cat knows otherwise.
If she could talk, she’d say that the rain tonight will become hail. Freezing hailstones the size of grapes will pound the ground, shaking all the houses but one.
This is no random happening, o traveller. Every year this night for forty years, that one house has drawn lightning and hail from the heavens, but not to itself. An unseen power emanates from inside it. Those who walk by the house can feel its loneliness. To watch rain water run from its eaves is to see a house weep.
My cat would say that the house is not haunted. Yet the blue scarf that snagged in the fence forty years ago when house and I parted company still flies anew every day.
How is it that a house can sorrow and pine? How great is this sorrow that whenever it weeps, so too must nature follow?"
(197 words)


At 9:06 am, Anonymous the yvy said...

aiyak!!! you took away the best bit!!! the BLOWJOB. aiyah....should have written that 'blowjob' acnnot b removed. cheh...too late liow. nvr mind - i shall b more 'careful' next time. ;)


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