04 August 2005

Check out the chilli?

A group of friends and I were out at one of our usual makan places, sharing gossip and making light of life in general when suddenly one of our number started to signal me frantically.

She was shielding her face and twitching her head restlessly, indicating that I should look off to my right. I did so, but saw nothing of note. Who was it? A CIO (Check It Out!), her ex, MY ex? Who?

The rest of us had started to behave like meerkats, with the odd head bobbing up for a furtive look round before ducking back down again. Still nothing. What was she getting at?

‘Psst… plink!’ her head was still twitching.

‘Whatla now?’

‘Can help or not? I got cili in my eye.’

N.B.: for those keeping score, right-handed, right eye kena cili.


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