06 August 2005


Dear one,

Thank you for visiting. Please stay a while, I need to share some things with you.

There are things on this site which hurt. Some things here are meant to hurt, other things are not, but will hurt anyway. People who are hurt say and do silly things. These silly things may, in turn, hurt us.

When we learn things that our parents do not want us to learn, they are disappointed because these things are from someplace else. They wish we had asked them about it first. Sometimes, they get so disappointed, they say silly things and we get hurt.

Please read on, but only if you’re sure it’s okay. Hurting ourselves is easy, we heal fast. Hurting our loved ones is different. There are things they want to tell us about before we find out about it ourselves. Once we’ve found out, it’s not the same anymore.

Sometimes that hurts more than anything.

The question you need to answer is this one: are you okay to share this with your family? I hope the answer is ‘yes.’ Even if it isn’t and you have to wait, I’ll always be here. I promise.

Last thing, you are welcome to take the things you like from this site. When you do, please tell the people you show it to, that we are sharing something that I made. In that same way, I will let people know about the things that you let me have from your site.

Thank you for reading.




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