16 August 2005

Lek Si Kon

A number of words used here are not found anywhere outside Malaysia. A number of them will also be personal to me. This little glossary will hopefully help understanding of the contents. Everything is in alphabetical order, including some of the abbreviations.

It should help readers now, who may otherwise be lost in a fog of code-switching. It should also help me in the future, when senility has all but overtaken what is left of the contents of my skull….

There are also words used in the pejorative, which help construct the inveNctive for which this blog is named. Parents beware, children welcome.

Alamak: exclam; Goodness!. Malay.

Angmor: n; White person. Hokkien

Asrama: n; hostel, student accommodation. Malay

Bantal: n; pillow. Malay

Batu: stone/rock. Malay.

Batu Giling: n; kitchen appliance for grinding and blending spices. Traditionally made from stone, hence the name. Malay.

Batu Lesung/ Batu Tumbuk: n; a mortar and pestle. Malay.

Busuk: adj; stinky. Malay. See Chau

Char/Chow: adj; fry/fried. Hokkien/Cantonese

Chau: adj. smelly, malodorous. Hokkien/Cantonese.

Cheebye/Chibai/Cibai: n; pejorative for Popok (see). Various Chinese

Cheesaw: n; toilet/bathroom. Hakka.

Cheesin: adj; crazy/illogical/irrational, used in the pejorative. Cantonese.

Chiu Khup: adj; First rate. Cantonese

Dui Kut: v. intr; body massage. Hokkien. see Zhar kuat.

Gaam Fei: v. intr; dieting, attempting weight loss. Cantonese

Goyang: v; shake/sway, Malay.

Goyang kaki: v.; lit. 'to shake legs,' to have nothing to do (except shake legs =)). Malay.

Gwai: n; ghost/demon. Cantonese

Habis: adj; Finished/complete/end(ed). Malay.

Hamisu: phr; How come? / Why is it so?. Hokkien

Hamsup: adj; Suggestive, libidinous. Cantonese

Haer: n; prawn/shrimp. Hokkien.

Hin: v; see Pengsan. Hokkien.

Hor yip faan: n; Lormaikai or other glutinous rice dish baked in lotus leaf. Cantonese

Ho sek: interj; 'Delicious.' Cantonese

Hou heong: interj; '(That smells) very nice'. Cantonese

Huu: n; fish. Hokkien.

Jom: interj; 'Let's go.' Malay.

JuuHuu: n; cuttlefish. Hokkien

Kachuak: n; cockroach. Hokkien. see Katjat

Kampong Kai: n; lit. Village Chicken. Free range chicken. Malay + Cantonese.

Katjat: n; cockroach. Cantonese. see also Kachuak

KKC: see kukuciau

Kopitiam: n; coffee shop. Hokkien

Kukuciau: n; male external genitalia. Hokkien pejorative/euphemism.

Lap Cheong: n; sausage. Cantonese

Lormaikai: n; baked rice dish made with glutinous rice (lormai) and chicken (kai), seasoned with spices and blended soy sauce. Cantonese. See also Hor yip faan

Mat Salleh celup / MSc: n; non-whites affecting white mannerism (ineffectually), usually in the form of 'foreign,' accented speech. Malay Note: the language used by MSc is very much like that which appears on this blog. I wonder why....

MoTCH: Mo Tiu Chut Hoei: 'Do not feed this troll'/ 'Not concerned with her/him/it.' Cantonese pejorative.

Mo Tuck Teng: adj; incomparable, best of its kind. Cantonese

Nah! See?: exclam. ‘This is self-evident.’ ‘I told you so!’ Indicates that advice proffered previously would have negated (adverse) event.

Nia: ‘Your.’ Cantonese.

Pangjioe: v; to pass water/micturition/have a wee. Hokkien.

Pangpooi: v; to pass wind. Hokkien.

Pangsai: v; to open bowels/take a dump. Hokkien.

Pengsan: v; to faint/pass out. Malay.

Perasan: adj; paranoia over bad things, conceit over good things. Malay

Popok: n; euphemism for female external genitalia (thanks, Cx!).

Seng: n; Star(s). Cantonese.

Tabik; n., v. intrans; (a) salute. Malay

Tiu: v; to throw. Cantonese.

Tiu Nia Seng; v. trans; Throw your stars. Cantonese. Expletive of choice. ;-)

WaiKauJor: see WaiLanJor.

WaiLanJor: colloq. adj; Non-functional, requiring repair. Cantonese.

WanTai: v; see Pengsan. Cantonese.

Zhar kuat: v.intr; lit 'grab/hold bones', body massage. Cantonese. see Dui kut.


At 7:22 pm, Blogger L B said...

OMG! What a gem I have just discovered!!! LOL @ WaiKauJor!!!

At 11:10 pm, Blogger plink said...

LB: Sure you're not LOLing at the next entry? ;)

At 12:17 am, Blogger L B said...

Hhahahahahahaha...erm, sorry, *straightens ass* I just saw the one ABOVE it now!!! Tiu - to throw?!! LMAO... and throw your stars... Good grief, if anyone walks into my studio, I'd be braised duck.

At 8:20 pm, Blogger plink said...

Mmm, duck....
But correct, no? Tiu=throw. All the bits are there in the Lek Si Kon.
Strange how something so innocent can provoke strange responses from people. Weirdness leh.... ;)

And there was that sign I once saw above a Char Kway Teow stall run by a Cantonese: Chow Gwai Tiu.... XD

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