16 August 2005

Mom! Dad! There’s a troll under my bed.

I am afraid of trolls. It’s true.

When this blog gets enough traffic one day, trolls will appear. As surely as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, nastiness will follow. What's a n00b to do?

The Big Names deal differently with the threat.The withering fire of minishorts and the weapons of mass dissing (WMD) of michaelooi are awesome forces of nature to behold. At the other extreme is the zen-like approach typified by the ‘I know you’re there but what can you really do to me?’ hugely-coconut-ed air of Kenny Sia and the serenity that envelops Suanie’s blog.

Daddy: If the trolls are real to you, then they are real.
plink: Aar??!!
Daddy: Only you can decide if they are real.
Mommy: *gives Daddy a nasty look* Go sleep and dream, plink. Daddy's been watching The Matrix films again.

It's off to bed for me then.


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