16 September 2005

Happy Birthday Old Friend

This should have been an insightful post, sprinkled with acute observations and dotted with epiphanies. For some reason, my reason has deserted me, so I'll be posting from the heart.

You'd better take a seat....

Happy forty-second birthday. Despite the years, you don't look your age. Yes, you are getting a little rounder in the middle, but we love you all the same.

Those who claim that your dress sense has not changed over the years don't know what they're talking about. We both know there that you look good in just about anything. Just don't do the orange-colour thing with your hair....

Your many children are a credit to you. While some are helping out with the family business, others are away serving King and Country and making us all very proud indeed.

The kitchen is, as we all know, your domain. Your hands and your hospitality are peerless and boundless in equal measure. Most importantly, every item is cooked with care and it shows.

Sometimes, we get grumpy and say nasty things. We're sorry for those times. We still love you. We always will.

I Promise.

Happy Forty-Second Malaysia Day from plink and family.


At 7:15 am, Anonymous Ghoul said...

Happy Birthday, too :) Whoever this is.

From plinky's Troll ^_^

At 4:43 pm, Blogger plink said...

Alamaks, too obscure! Should have made it more obvious that it was a Malaysia Day post.
Then again, I've probably got the age wrong....

Aik... got troll orso! My first one too.


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