01 December 2005

The Blog(u) 15: The King of the Hall

'Thankyou. Thankyouverruhmuch,’ said the King. His Majesty waved at the adoring crowds briefly before his stretch limousine whisked him away. In the distance, he could hear the voice announce over the loudspeakers, ‘ElviSia has left the building.’
Life was lonely at the top, but it did have its perks. One of the big performers of the blogosphere, The King was a master of digital reality alteration. Aided by his faithful crew, his stage act was a resounding success, drawing huge crowds every time. In particular, Mr. Foh To Shorpe, his Visual Effects supervisor and the burly Spaniard Senor Humare worked their magic to let him perform his own.
Speeding home to his keep, or rather, ranch, The King thought about his next act. His Majesty was adjusting his quiff and sideburns when the telephone rang. It was his Chief of Security with bad news.
‘Things are bad, O King. There is a monster rampaging through the bloglands and none can stop it. Your Majesty we are preparing the greatest possible efforts and an escort will bring you safely home.’
The King quietly thanked him and started to brood once more. Absently adjusting his sequined lapels and jeweled sunglasses, ElviSia wondered who or what this thing was.

What did it want?


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