13 December 2005

Call yourself professional summore....

Warning: Manglish-alert. This is one of the things that hurt. Children, please stay away: plink is breathing fire right now.

Let me tell you something about deadlines. My deadlines are my deadlines. Your deadlines are yours. Your deadlines are NOT my deadlines.

There may well be emergencies, but I have to deal with mine before I can help with yours.

The problem you are dealing with may eventually come my way; that would be a legitimate transfer. Even so, while it is in your hands, no amount of shirking or magic-trickery will change this. It is still yours to deal with.

Deal with it.

Your degree is the same as my degree. Your education is the same as my education. You are a responsible adult above the age of majority and, if you so wish, are also able to choose your representative to the Houses of Parliament.

We share a common background and language. One would expect we also share professional courtesy.

Professional courtesy is based on honesty. Professional courtesy implies integrity and a certain level of skill. Professional courtesy means you are competent. Do your job, for heaven's sake!

How else can I take it when the problem magically becomes mine immediately it is referred? Never mind that I am physically unable to respond, much less help at the time. If the service benchmark waiting time is in danger, you get the case transferred to us when a junior is the only person available. How dare you say that you're doing your job? Want peopledielosebillionswhilegettingassrapedbyrabidtasmaniandevil izzit?

Junior summore, understand? You know what is junior or not?! Less experience, less training. Seen less, knows less, can do less. Less even than you. How can you profess to put the customer first while fobbing him/her/it off onto less-skilled members of our workforce? What if the situation goes badly and senior staff are occupied elsewhere?

Of course, that is not YOUR problem: OUR department mah....

You were junior once. What happened to your professional courtesy? Did your seniors in other departments abuse you like this? Is this your sick, twisted revenge on a system that pounds a rusty nail into your head every single day?

Did your early career consist of life not giving you lemons, but shoving the whole thorny tree up your ass and then rubbing salt into the whole leafy, bleeding mess?

If (time)<(enough), THEN (junior)+(client)+(plink)+(our dept)=(get screwed with a stiff wire brush)x(infinity)

So, you win izzit?



At 11:34 am, Anonymous yvy said...

koff ...koff *hair frizzled*

yikes.. :(

At 5:22 pm, Blogger plink said...

yvy: Oops... difficulty in the offis. Better now. Honesty :)

*sprays yvy with fire extinguisher*

At 11:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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