06 December 2005

Where have all the young ones gone?

This week, we'll be losing two of our best juniors, not to another department. They won't even be going to another employer. Our lucky two are leaving to totally different fields altogether.
It's a bit like having pharmacists going to train as dentists or dentists as doctors. Or a gifted tax lawyer running away to do criminal law.
Although no one field or profession is better than any other, it does seem a shame for people who are good at what they do to run away (or be forced away) to do something else. Something a little easier to get into, with an easier lifestyle.
It's not uncommon either. Of the people I worked with as a junior, almost all are in different, related fields now. This can only be good for the people involved, but how do we stem the loss of good people?
Why do we make life so difficult that people would sooner walk than carry on?


At 5:12 pm, Blogger Kancil Killer said...

It is pretty common.

I myself in IT field for over 6 years, but now on, I am into sales.

At 5:27 pm, Blogger plink said...

Hi KK!
Corright! Lots of people changing jobs, even those considered good/best at what they do.
It's a colossal waste because we spend loads training them.


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