10 December 2005

From kindness comes greatness

Every so often (of late, much less often) we get something to cheer about. The news of Nicol David becoming World Champion has been one such occasion. There's a little something about how it all began that might be of interest.
An article in The Star (not another 5-star-rated publication) showed us Nicol's first racquet. Not to be sniffed at, this was a custom-built effort. The builder? None other than the local association president himself.
He didn't have to do it. He was in no way obliged to hand-make a squash racquet from the wreckage of others. There was no way he could have known what was to come of his endeavour.
Yet, he went ahead and made one.
Our lesson (and song) for today: 'I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.'
Let us nurture talent. When we do so, our children will learn of compassion, of sacrifice and of love. Let them learn, let them love, let them live.


At 10:10 am, Anonymous kyels said...

She's cool and she's the world champion!!


At 12:20 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

unrelated comments...

wei, why hor my blog become 'mistyeizopenclose'? sound very the obscene leh.... LOL =P my kopitiam always close wan u know? ;)

At 5:08 pm, Blogger plink said...

kyels: Yep! Cool World Champion, that's ND.
Yvy: You knowlah, I try to keep the links topical. Yours is a reference to curtainsopen-zap, curtainsclosed-zap in airplanes. Everyone else orso kena wei.... :)


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