13 October 2006

Tag-lisman, Part Two

Here's a little more to unsettle you with.


28. Changed a diaper?
Hello, I’m plink! When did you last see a plink change diapers?

29. Changed a lot over the past year?
Well you see, life is like a box of chocolates….

30. Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color?
Yes. But just because I don’t know who they are doesn’t mean that they are not my friends, or that there are no people who have not seen my natural hair colour.

31. Had surgery?
If I told you, you’d have to have the same operation.

32. Killed anyone?
If I told you, you’d have to have the same ‘operation.’

33. Had your haircut within the last week?
Two weeks ago.


1. Slept in the bed beside you?
I don’t kiss and tell. Kiss, yes.

2. Saw you cry?
Must have been pMom and pDad….

3. Went to the movies with you?
It was with colleagues from the office, out to a Harry Potter film.

4. You went to the mall with?
I’m going to have to side with misti on this one: ‘Where got malls? I don’t see daylight when I leave from work.’

5. You went to dinner with?
A group of friends from university. A group of crazy friends from university….

6. You talked to on the phone?
The pArents.

7. Said ‘I love you’ to you and meant it?
The pArents, but you knew that all along, didn’t you?

8. Broke your heart?
It’s been such a long time....
These days, I do the breaking, or so people tell me.
I wish….

9. Made you laugh?
Three people, actually. May I present the founders of the LinCockaWingz Institute…..


1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
I’d rather not be pierced at all.

2. Be serious or be funny?
I want to be seriously funny.

3. Drink whole or skim milk?
Skim! (Skim backwards spells mikS)

4. Die in a fire or drown?
Quoting misti again: ‘I want to die in my sleep with no pain. Can or not?’

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?
This is a very strange question. I want to spend time with my parents for obvious reasons, but I’d like to spend time hantamming my enemies (if I’ve got any. Habis, my paranoia is acting up again). Does hantamming enemies qualify as ‘spending time’?


1. What time is it?
1.45pm oredy!! See what you made me do!!

2. Name?
You don’t know arh? Read my profile lah!

3. Nickname(s)?
plink-u, plinky, TungKu plink, carmistinanplinktitokichen, plian, plinksan....

4. Where were you born?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. What is your birthdate?
23 January

6. What do you want?
To not want, or perhaps to want for nothing but isn’t that an oxymoron?

7. Where do you want to live?
Right here, thank you.

8. How many kids do you want? Nine! Nine! All Nine!

Yalah, Who to tag arh? Or even, who NOT to tag?

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At 5:24 am, Blogger L B said...

Ten! Ten!! All Ten!!!

At 6:11 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Wah I not call you Plinksan enuf? You forgets your nick from ME!!!! *snif*

What kind of an operation am I getting? 0.0

At 6:13 am, Anonymous may said...

I almost answered that I wanted to be seriously funny too, hehehe!

At 6:15 am, Blogger plink said...


SA: Oops sorry! Corrected. I knew I had missed something....

may: Somebody has to do the cliches around here.... ;)

At 12:07 pm, Blogger fantasyflier said...

what about pLinksmurf?
"don’t see daylight when I leave from work" wakakakaa I know the feeling, expecially now coming to winter *grimace*

At 5:03 pm, Blogger titoki said...

You want so many kids for what?! Babi ke?! Wakakaka.

At 7:28 pm, Blogger Chen said...

Nine kids?
but better wake up fast before u bring out skunkie :P

pssss... haven't see skunkie for long time oledi :P

At 7:48 pm, Blogger Pink Cotton said...


*pat pat*

pls take more herbal soups and vitamins k? you r gonna need 'em


At 9:20 pm, Anonymous zeroimpact said...

Spending time with enemies
I like that

At 11:33 pm, Blogger Cocka Doodle said...

Kata-kata aluan dari pengarah Lin-cocka-wingz.....

Telima kaseh atas sapot 'maximizer' puan. Kami akan terus membawa lame jokes dan bizarre activities untuk hiburan anda.

At 4:28 am, Blogger angel said...

I ask u again:
What do you want?
*big weekend hugs & muaks*

At 9:55 am, Blogger Winn said...

carmistinanplinktitokichen eh??
i have trouble prounouncing this leh.....haha..

At 3:24 am, Anonymous L B said...

carmistinanplinktitokichen+jali lah, Datin Winn..

At 11:18 am, Blogger Chen said...

LB & Datin Winn, u dua-dua pun salah eja liao.. The correct name should be carmistwinanplinktitokichenjali ...

How can this Datin Winn mispell her own name in the long alphabet company? How can she forget the "w"?? Gua tak faham loh.. kekekke

At 11:20 am, Blogger Chen said...

oops.. now baru saja I noticed plink spell the name wrongly in the first place.. kekke

At 4:56 pm, Blogger L B said...

OMG! Yeah lah!!! *slap buttock*!! How can?!! Ok, ok, I wanna join too!!!


At 3:05 am, Anonymous kat said...

carmistwinanplinktitokichenjalib.. whose name is 'an'?? And I always see 'kitchen' whenever I read that name!! (soon instead of 'rumplestilkin', we will have 'carmistwinanplinktitokichenjalib' in the blogosphere version!!)

At 3:45 pm, Blogger Chen said...

an = angel :P

wah.. u see kitchen?
luckily u didn't mention keychain instead :P

At 2:24 am, Blogger angel said...

All of liu oso wrong! It's carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib!



At 6:21 pm, Anonymous may said...

*joins in angel a.k.a. princess anjali & carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib in search of plinku...*

shall we send for a search party?

At 8:47 pm, Blogger Chen said...

joins in angel & may in searching of the missing plink :D
bring my dog together with me...


At 1:32 am, Blogger L B said...

*burns TungKu incense and prays for quick reappearance of the Plinku...*

*..and some numbers....*

On behalf of the carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib & sons & daughters pte. ltd.

At 8:36 pm, Blogger plink said...

OII!! I kambek liaooo!!

Wah, distracted for a few days only and suddenly this comments section has become a party!

FF: Why pLinksmurf? I very-the-blue, izzit? ;)

titoki: Babi, baby, pink, cute, sama-sama, right? Besides, have a look at AhWongKor: he wants ten!

chen: *waves skunkie at Dr. Chen to make her feel better*

PC: Acherly, I heard before got people say, 'If at first you don't succeed....' :D

ZI: Spending time with enemies loh. How else to say?

CD: Latuk Corka and co. Whale done!

I want to teach
the world to sing
in perfect harmony....

winn: Me too! Good thing it's a written name, right?

LB: But anjali's first two letters are the an in carmistwinanplinktitokichen....

Chen: It's a trap! Lu olang semua cut'n'paste (potongtampal) mya!! :D

LB: *smacks AhWongKor's bottom*

kat: See? You saw! Wonder if anyone else did...?

chen: Alamak... so now we're carmistwinnanplinktitokitchenjalib?

search party: Sorry, sorry! Got sidetracked for a while, but I am back!

At 11:16 pm, Blogger Chen said...

yeah yeah..
we are now carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib pte ltd

At 1:13 am, Blogger L B said...

with a question mark, sometimes.. >?

At 2:55 am, Blogger L B said...

well, we can trust the angel to burn both ends of her candle, eh? LOL

At 3:15 am, Blogger angel said...

And we are WHOLE once again...

burn both ends of candle?

missssss liuuuu, plinkkkkkk!!!!
U deserve a Big Smack on your Butt! Hmmphh!!

At 8:42 am, Blogger Chen said...

i just noticed the addiditional "t".. in the long alphabet company name :P

At 12:12 pm, Anonymous kat said...

carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib pte ltd....try filling up handwritten forms with this name!!! LOL

heehee..my eyes really sumthing wrong...now I see angel say "we are WHORE again"(!!!) and kitchen ajaib... LOLOLOL

At 12:20 am, Blogger plink said...

chen and LB: carmistwinanplinktitokichenjalib Sdn Bhd has a nice ring to it. But what would we do? Trade in Tung Ku?

LB: How did we go from smacked bottoms to burning candles?

*faster BigSmacks angel mya bottom*
Do unto others before they do unto you....

chen: 'kitchen' also can see, no problem there. Looks like AhWongKor sees candles, so who knows what else there may be?

kat: See what I mean? 'Kitchen ajaib' indeed! And I'm not the only one.... Whee!!

At 11:25 am, Anonymous kat said...

So what does this blogger beta do ah?? Automatically open the comment box for you whenever there are new comments??

Good to see you back...almost died laughing at your comment in titoki's contest post!!

At 12:57 am, Blogger titoki said...

WAAAAA Why did you 'disappear' so looooong one ah?! The magic trick backfired ka?! I demand a good explanation. Or else I'm so gonna spam your comment box like how we spammed Winn's one. LOL. Understood?

At 2:07 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

plinky sweety!!! :D wei....u wan 9 arr. sure u can live past 1 or not? i hear they can be bratty critters! lol :P by the way...wats with the labelling?

At 4:36 am, Blogger plink said...

kat: Dunnolar, but quite easy to use also. Sshhh... it's longer than 50words, so disqualified already....

titoki: Have been... ermm.... comparing labels. Yes, that's it!

Yvy: :D Children can be quite a handful! ... Or five or six! I only really want a couple... I think. But when LB did his meme, I misread his answer as 'Nine, Nine, All Nine!' and got the shock of my life too! :)


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