25 August 2005

Drama Minggu Ini: plink is being played!

Drama Minggu Ini used to be a weekly must-watch on Malaysian TV. Initially a series of unrelated TV movies, it quickly became our Weekly Tearjerkers slot. The storylines were invariably the same and the cast was even less variable.

Drama Minggu Ini was, in those respects, chillingly lifelike. So it was with a mixture of amusement, the feeling of deja vu and some trepidation that I received the news that someone was pursuing my affections. True to the traditions of Drama Minggu Ini the good doctor who was doing the pursuing started to behave oddly.

plink has instincts and the good doctor wasn't telling me everything. Trust my instincts, right? Someone nominally 'after me,' not all there/ sending mixed messages, right?

It came out one lunchtime from Third Party (a workplace acquaintance) that the good doctor did indeed 'fancy the pants off me.' Why anyone would be interested in my briefs is beyond me. I'm not even a lawyer, for crying out loud!

However, the good doctor also had a very-dot-special-dot-friend at far-dot-far away. This made me closer, more convenient and, possibly, disposable.

Like Kleenex.

What's a plink to do?

* code-switching alert! *

I simply could not be party to somebody else's relationshp breakup. If they wanted to get into trouble, they would have to do it without me. Plus, if someone can be tempted in the absence of their special-dot-friend, then when kitaorang berserius-serius nanti how to trust properly? If doctor could two-time special-dot-friend, doctor could two-time plink too!

Habis cerita? Not quite. What will follow is the last third of any self-(dis)respecting Malaysian-made drama. You know the script as well as I do: question comes out into the open, truth meets lie, heartache, tears, don't-leave-me-like-this. Biasalah.

Then again, maybe doctor has seen the light and pulled away from insanity. Fantastic! Tapi, kalau diaorang mau lagi.... Better bring out the batu giling....

I wonder if I can sell the script as another M'sian-made tears, fears and more tears drama?

Watudu? The Cx Plan comes to mind. Doctor moves, I confront. Sudah, end of story, habis cerita, sekian terima kasih.

Isn't it wonderful to be wanted though?


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