18 August 2005

plink learns about the birds and the bees

While at conversation with cx a couple of days ago…

plink: … but the general tone of discussion is ‘No sex please, we’re Malaysian.’

cx: Yalah, then they get all indignant and huffy when we reach a certain age and ask, ‘Where are my grandchildren?’

plink: They never tell us; how are we supposed to find out how to make babies?

cx: My grandmother told me, ‘The boy puts his kkc inside your popok and “sort of wees” inside you!’

plink: *drink fountains from nostrils, eyes and ears* * cough * * splutter * * hack! *


At 10:26 pm, Anonymous Cx said...

Actually, it was my mum. She's good at stuff like that.

At 4:05 pm, Blogger plink said...

Lucky you! My parents go bright red at the mention of baby-making. The way they act about it, I'm surprised they made any plinks at all! :-D


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