03 January 2006

I R in Petaling Street

First, the apology. Sorry if you were in the purple Nissan waiting for a public parking space: we weren’t deliberately trying to make you sweat for it. We were waiting for the rest of our party, who weren’t noted for their sense of direction. Got lost, you see.
We were at Petaling Street for breakfast last week at a local dim sum place, the name of which escapes me right now. It’s a blast from the past, with old ahpeks sitting crosslegged on chairs and drinking coffee from saucers; that sort of place.
The food wasn’t stellar, but the ambience was nice. Old-style dim sum in a place that looks like it’s been there since before Merdeka. Even the staff look like they’ve been there since forever. I wonder if it’ll still be just as nice in 48 years.
Everywhere I go, things have changed. I’ve not been paying attention for a while because I’ve been working rather hard. So, when I’ve come up for air again, I find that things are very much not the same. I think I’m having a Kyels.com moment here….
I’ve been swimming as well (cue horrified looks and cracked mirrors). I’ll do it again too. It’s so nice to be out of doors for once, haze or no haze. Besides, once in the water, I become weightless. No worries (besides cracked mirrors) about being overweight there.
Went dancing in the rain in the afternoon. A great downpour fell pelting from the skies and I enjoyed it thoroughly for a while.
pMom: plink! Stop playing in the rain and come in.
plink: But it’s so nice! Yay! Whee! * splashsplash * * playplay *
pMom: -_-"


At 10:33 am, Anonymous kyels said...


Haha. I didn't know that there is such thing as a kyels.com moment. :P


At 3:55 pm, Blogger plink said...

There is now! :)


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