05 January 2006

I've been rumbled and more holiday tales

Thanks to both Yvy and Kucing Gatal, I can no longer hide the fact that I was on holiday recently. Things being as they are, I have a small confession to make: plink holidays in KL (and in PJ) and the north of the peninsula.

It's true, I swear!

Now you know where the reference to a Land Just Beyond a PLUS toll plaza come from. ;)

First a plink product endorsement: The Lobsterman in SS2, just back-to-back with the local Sri Siam. My personal recommendation: Lobster sashimi!
*;) at Hedonistics Anonymous*
And don't forget to ask for the head and claws to be cooked Lobster Porridge style! Mmmm....

Second, another product endorsement: the Nike store at Mid-Valley. Cheaper than at a certain 2-phase Bandar Utama shopping complex that isn't the Curve or Ikano.... *evilgrinz* Better service also. My pair of Nike plink's is very nice, thank you very much.
The staff also had to put up with a very excited plink showing off while trying out my shoes. Thank you all very much! *hugzkissez*

Third, another confession: plink likes flipflops. Not just any slippers, but the old-style, made-from-old-truck-tyres kind. It's difficult to get a pair made the way they used to.
*reaches for hair dye*
So after a long search, I found a pair at a Giant superstore. Habisla. Why oh why are there no more of these to be found at the local pasar malam?

Fourth, The Accountant made another push, I think. 'Let's go to The Club for lunch.'
Managed to get the venue changed to someplace more public, a certain 2-phase Bandar Utama shopping complex that WAS the Curve and Ikano. By the end, my nerves were so frayed that I managed to knock the SIDE of pSib's car on a kerb. The side of the car! Sorry pSib....:(


At a lunch with extended family up north, a (much younger) cousin made my day: 'plink, you don't look like you're XYZ years old.'

*Burst of lights and choir singing 'HALLELUJAH!'*

Oh, and 'plink, you're the weirdest person I've ever met....'


Back to Petaling Street, pSib found us an old-style kopitiam complete with old-style ahpeks and old-style dim-sum. I'd like to say I remember these from my childhood except for two things: I'm not that old and my memory isn't that good. :P

Regular trips out to Misai in SS2 and 'teh halia tambah haliaaa!' did nothing for the shape of my bottom or my shape in general.
I did go swimming, though a number of people may have gone blind wishing that I hadn't.... *evilgrinz*

All in all, a very nice relaxing holiday. How did you spend your holidays?


At 4:36 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

weeeellllll.....binging away into new year was the most obvious. gawd, mum keep threatening me, 'continue like this lar, we'll see u waddling down the aisle...' *sigh* dont u just love it? but then hor, my mind tends to rebel against threats like these, now i end up eating much more than i should b. the subscontious mind is a VERY VERY dangerous tool, mind u. *sigh again*

At 5:21 pm, Blogger Selba said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 5:26 pm, Blogger plink said...

Hi selba! Alamakz, disappeared oreddy.... I want to keep the links current, so when you posted 03 Jan about trouble with weight.... ;) Me too, me too!

Aiyo Yvy... tell me about bingeing lar. Teh halia, chocolate, more chocolate.... Maybe I should go to the gym this evening....

At 7:59 pm, Blogger Kucing Gatal said...

Eh hello, Plink... you said you terbang with Garuda recently. As far as I know Garuda does not make stopovers in SS2. So .... ?

At 12:43 am, Anonymous yvy said...

you've been tagged!!!! Mmmwaaahahahahaha!!!

At 1:12 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Hi Plink,

We seem to fall in the same circles, but today was my first visit to your blog. Somehow, I suspect you may have visited my site before. But tats cool whether you did or did not.

Hey and accountants are cool. My very unbiased opinion. keke

At 3:48 pm, Blogger plink said...

Simple: Hellowe! Welcome to the land of plink. Yes, accountants are cool but nope, not The Accountant in question. Love your site!
KG: Flew Garuda to a work assignment. TO WORK oi.... No wonderlah. I got very confused over Yvy's and your comments on the last post. Ingat you all become mind-readers dah. :D
Yvy: o_O?! *pengsan* Kena tag lagi dan lagi dan lagi.... The Energizer plink, that's me!

At 5:05 pm, Blogger Selba said...

Whooaaaa... I also wanna tag you!!! hehehehe

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