04 January 2006

Divine Wings

I'd taken a recent flight recently aboard Garuda and it got me to thinking. There was something familiar about this name that I learned years ago. A quick search through Wikipedia gave this result.
Isn't there something vaguely romatic about flying with 'the mount of Vishnu'?


At 6:33 pm, Blogger L B said...

...and probably erotic too :-)

At 6:50 pm, Blogger plink said...

lb: Naughty boy! Trying to get me into trouble as pengendali laman web dajal, eh? Hrmph! *hands on hips*
'Erotic' indeed... what is it with people and the word 'mount'?

At 8:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

amboi-amboi....go jalan lagi ka???

At 9:36 pm, Blogger plink said...

Yvy: Ya lor... Jalan-jalan but back at work. Horriday over. Blekz =P

At 9:21 am, Blogger Kucing Gatal said...

So where did you go, Plink? Come on, regale us with your holiday tales :)

At 4:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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