30 August 2005

InveNctive backfires

This little blog was meant to be a properly poisonous piece of real estate. I was supposed to rant and rave and generally befoul its pages with, well, inveNctive.

This backfired spectacularly when I had a great big look around me. I wanted to swear and scream and whatnot, but I couldn’t: I had no subject material.

I am in a job that I’m quite happy doing, producing results and generally feeling fulfilled. Sure, my workmates have their own little quirks but I’m not wound up enough about them to send them up properly. I’m certainly not unhappy to the extent of swearing about it, let alone invent new words and insults about the matter.

Worse, I have my health, a mind that works okay and a lovingly dysfunctional family. I can’t complain at all. The most I can manage is a little whine.

What’s scary is the fatalism. Oil is running out? Yep. Global warming causing floods and drought? Check. Chemicals in our food causing hormonal imbalances and cancer? OK. Can’t do much about it? Why worry?
If I had any sense, I’d worry about my fatalism and my conviction that the human race can adapt to and overcome any of the above problems. We might undergo a mass extinction before it happens, but some of us will still survive.

Won’t that be nice?

A blanket apology is due to those who have stumbled upon this page hoping for an incoherent jumble of swear words, ranting and general unpleasantness. That I am one of a lucky few means that invenctive.blogspot.com is an incoherent jumble of rainbows, love and a sunny outlook on life.

I’m sorry.

There will of course be the odd occasion when I’m not quite as happy as normal. At those times, we shall get to see inveNctive in full flow. Meanwhile, I urge patience and happiness all around.


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