30 August 2005


Reading through my usual (small) pool of blogs today left me a little shaken. While kennysia.com’s little experiment with a bad blog layout was interesting enough, the hardest punch of all came from none other than the wielder of unearthly fire herself: minishorts.net.

Someone had plagiarized three of her posts. That someone would have been expected to die the death of a thousand cuts. And so she did, of a fashion: legions of minishorts’ most loyal fans took the trouble to tell this worm, this pathetic excuse for a blogger, what they thought. Some went so far as to comment on each of the three plagiarized entries separately.

The offending blog has now been deleted by its chastened author and there has been the requisite amount of cheering and backslapping in the comments sections of her blog. However, only one comment was made that went straight to the point (at time of this entry): minishorts did not herself engage in warfare.

Minishorts, who could have been reasonably expected to write rabid invective that sounded like the gates of Hades breaking open, only called attention to the matter in a post. The biggest shock was her entry today: a statesmanlike speech (for that was what it sounded like) forgiving the poor sinner and exhorting all and sundry to move on for the greater good.

When I grow up, I want to be just like (CK)Two.


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