25 August 2005

kucinggatal’s merdeka haiku contest

Responding to a request for haikus reflecting Malaysian life, this is what I sent into KG's Merdeka Day Haiku contest. GO KUCING!

Exams results back,
Tikam answers get nine A's,
My Engrand so bad.

OK, I'm off to get my Kamus TriBahasa....

And who knows, the above might just get me into the finals. Can you believe this though: haiku in English?

Once I'd started, there was no turning back:

On the difficulties of consensus
Peers are real hungry
All friends also say ‘cincai.’
Where do we makan?!

On the haze
Cats are in a daze,
Sumat’ra is now burning,
Best to cover face.

On our favourite pastimes
‘Eat first die later,’
Sport to follow; food is first,
We’ll watch Premier League!

On *ahem* 'education.'
Parents won’t say how?
‘No sex please, we’re Malaysian?’
Read KucingGatal!

On *ahem*
Bohsia and bohjan,
Boys and girls, we’re all naughty,
Play at Dataran!

On urban competition
Kupchai burning bright,
Concrete jungle left and right,
Hospital for you.

Urban competition again
Kupchai very loud,
Ev’ry night, go out win prize,
One night will win death.

Tengkujuh and banjir
Rain doth bring us life,
But when ‘tis the season here,
Flooding comes again.

KS: kiamsiap/kiasu
Hungry but kiamsiap,
Buying food not an option,
Samples at Giant!

M'sians at Car Shows
Car stand at the Show,
Kick tyres, slam doors, adjust seats,
Then thumbs up/thumbs down.

Malaysian Healthcare
We treasure our health:
After too much food on board,

Poor KG now has to wade through reams of (dog)gerel-grade haiku, just to find a finalist. Best wishes and fingers crossed. I might even start up an Engrish Haiku section.

Watch this space.


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