28 August 2005

plink is changing shape

My bottom is a national disgrace. Once upon a time, I had a shapely bottom. It was round and firm with the right curves in the right places.

Then I got into shape: round.

Then I didn’t want to be round any more so I lost weight. I also lost my bottom.

My friend DrivesMenCrazy (DMC) has a nicely shaped bottom. It is round with the right curves in the right places (I cannot yet attest to its firmness or otherwise). Low-cut jeans work with DMC’s bottom. When sat demurely at table, DMC’s jeans allow the dimples at the top of her bottom to peek shyly over the waistband. The effect is made greater by her fair complexion and flawless skin. This, understandably, is part of how DMC got her name.

If I tried something like that, the effect would be akin to that of an underfilled gunny sack.

Things are now changing for the better. I have been going to the gym for a while and my bottom is no longer an object of scorn and ridicule. When once before it was all but invisible in the mirror, there is now a hint of what once was. There is hope for the future.

The future is my bottom.


At 11:28 am, Blogger mistyeiz said...

haha!! good fer u.....i've also gotten into shape : oval but thank goodness my bottom's still there. *phew!* but cannot assume it will b forever. want my tattoo to 'peak over the waist band' too. but must first GET the tattoo lar AND lose the flab. gawd....the number of eskimos who cud live off my excess blubber - oy!! *slaps forehead*

At 2:43 am, Blogger plink said...

Yalah. Thinking of talking to Petronas and Co, just to see if we can work out a lipo-style solution.
Aiseh... only what, four kg of whale oil to lose and counting....


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